MFT Amazing

Micro 4/3 is without doubt a very useful format. Just recently we headed south and it coincided with the time when figs in the south-west ripen and the parrots and Correllas gather around for a feast. I like to travel with a few different camera options. The ideal focal length for taking these photographs would …

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The Photographer’s Perspective

The photographer's perspective. You read through the magazine or the review on the site and immediately you start thinking about how your photography would improve if you had that camera or lens. But is it true? Do you really need all that gear and all those innovations? Will all those extra, often incremental improvements, really …

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Four of The Best Canon Lenses That You Can Buy!

Canon have an extremely good reputation when it comes to lenses. This reputation is well earned. They do make some extremely good lenses and it is one of the attractions of using Canon cameras. There are a bewildering array of lenses to choose from and you could easily find yourself wondering what would be the …

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