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This site is focused on photography. All aspects of photography. However we focus on keeping it real. And on keeping it simple. Info. Reviews. Blogs & More. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or developer. This is simply helpful and honest info from people who are passionate about photography. Like you…

We focus on keeping photography simple and real

Photography is clearly something that appeals to many people. Look at how many photos we take these days. From phones to tablets to cameras, they are everywhere. There are so many choices and so many claims about cameras. Many contain features that you will never use. We now have menu systems that are incredibly complicated. And they don’t need to be. We need a simple approach to photography. We we can concentrate on being creative and enjoy photography.

Keeping it simple and real is a focus here. And there are some crazy ideas. Bigger and better is what they say at the shop, but who wants to carry all that gear? Then we have the ethos that if you have a larger mega pixel camera you will get better pictures rather than bigger pictures which is what mega pixels produce. The larger the number of megapixels the larger the image. But poor technique will simply result in a larger poor picture instead of a smaller poor picture. It is photographic technique that comes first before spending money on more and more complicated equipment and more and more expensive lenses.

So we take a simple approach to photography. And have some fun. This site then is for photographers and contains simple information about photography. We welcome input from outside sources and if you would like to contribute anything to a discussion please feel free to get in touch. In preparing to write this website we used and tested 65 different cameras ranging from six megapixel to 100 megapixel. In addition to that there are a number of smaller cameras and variations on a theme that we put through their paces. It was very interesting.

A simple approach to photography

Why a simple approach? A lot of people have commented on how confusing it is when they open a photographic catalogue. We are big believers in using tools that you feel comfortable with and in using tools that you can get the best out of. Not everybody needs large lenses and in fact an awful number of digital cameras are traded in or sold with less than 3000 images produced. With shutters designed to do 100 to 300,000 shots these days and in fact in some cases even more it’s amazing to think how little use cameras are getting.

Always carry a camera? Us too!

Buying but not using the gear

It’s easy to get caught up in the whole idea of having a nice camera. I was thinking when writing this of a fellow who bought a camera kit consisting of a DSLR camera along with three lenses for a trip overseas. When there he found himself using his phone much more often and when he returned home from the trip he had taken virtually nothing with the camera that he had taken with him. It was totally superseded by his phone. But the hype is there and it’s easy to get caught up in it.

So welcome to a simple down to earth site about photography. We hope that you will join the discussion about general photography and photographic equipment and what you really need and will get the best out of.

A few comments re Lenscraft Photography. When we comment on equipment in these pages the comments are based on use in the field. They are never based on a single use or just a couple of days using the equipment. We try the equipment with at least two disciplines in photography and determine how it performs from there. Lenscraft Photography is a website devoted to photography and sharing experiences with equipment. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer. We have used equipment professionally from Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Minolta, Sony, Leica, Olympus, Hasselblad, Zeiss, Sigma, Pentax, Zenit, Bronica, Rollei & Kodak.

Some of these companies have been absorbed into others. Currently we regularly use equipment from Olympus, Nikon, Sony, Canon & Hasselblad. [Plus lenses from Zeiss and Sigma]

A World of Photography

“Photography will teach you to see the world around you with new eyes. You will notice things you missed, remember more and truly learn that in the main we often live life too fast. We need to slow down and learn to really see. There is so much beauty around us.”